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1 Year SLIDEshow Notable Accomplishments...

During the first year of the SLIDEshow project, 3 Transnational Partner Meetings, 5 Virtual Meetings and 1 Training Workshop took place, 3 of the Intellectual Outputs (O1, O2 and O3) have been completed and all others are on progress.

The three Partner Meetings took place in…

1. Brussels, Belgium (Kick-off Meeting, 9-10 November 2017),

2. Oulu, Finland (24-26 April 2018), and

3. Vienna, Austria (15-16 October 2018).

The partners from the five organisations (VUB, Oulu, Doukas School, GO! and PHW) discussed the progress of the project, the process of the Intellectual Outputs, the forthcoming organisation of the Vienna Workshop and Project Management issues.

The three-day Training Workshop was successfully organised and hosted by Pädagogische Hochschule Wien (Vienna, 17-19 October 2018), for educators and teachers, to discuss the theoretical background of SRL and to introduce them to its ways of practice. The Workshop Presentations are all available in our Twinspace Platform. Every teacher or teacher educator can become active member of the project by joining the SLIDEshow communities, posting on eTwinning Live or social media and finding or posting Good Practices about SRL!

The following Intellectual Outputs, are finalised and publicly available:

- Output 1 (led by Oulu) reviews and produces the new material to tMail.

- Output 2 (led by VUB) develops a practice framework, aiming to support educators and teachers in engaging their students in SRL.

- Output 3 (led by PHW) consists of a practice framework describing what makes a teacher successful in evidence-based teaching and personalising instruction to the needs of students, by incorporating the DigComp framework.

The Output 5 (led by GO!) and the Output 7 (led by Doukas School) are in progress:

- O5 aims to collect, analyse and share Good Practices about SRL. There is also an Open Call on the Website for this purpose.

- O7 aims to develop and monitor all SLIDEshow Platforms, based on our new framework approach. Your participation in the tMAil Platform will also be much appreciated.

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