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Become a member of SLIDEshow eTwinning Community

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

A. Register

2. Click on the “Join the eTwinning community” link on the bottom right part of the page.

3. There is a pre-registration procedure, where you need to insert your first and last name, country and email address, as well as the username and password.

4. After that, a confirmation email is sent in the above email address. It includes a link so as the registration process can be completed and a username and a password can be created. In this link you also need to insert information about the school you work (country, region, city), yourself (the age group of your students, the subject you teach and your position in the school), and your preferences in the platform (a small paragraph explaining why you want to become an eTwinner, the language you prefer to communicate with and the age of the students you want to work with)

5. Clicking on the link provided, you can create your profile on the platform.

If you are not an e-Twinning applicable member please contact us ( in order to provide you with a visitor's profile.

B. Connect with other e-Twinners

1. You then enter the “eTwinning Live” platform, where you can connect with other people, find projects or events you may be interested in or even take part in groups or forums.

2. If you wish to find a specific eTwinner, click on the “People” tab on the top left of the page.

3. Next, you can enter the name of the person or even type the name of the school they work.

4. In order to start a partnership with this person, you need to have “followed” each other, by clicking on the “follow” tab on the top right of the user’s eTwinning page.

C. How to join a specific project (for example, SLIDEshow: Self-Regulated Learning)

1. If you are interested in finding and becoming a member of a specific project, you can click on the “Project” tab on the top part of the “eTwinning Live” page.

2. Next, you can type the name of the project. For example, you can type the key words “Slideshow SRL”.

3. After you have found the project you are interested in and you wish to join in, you need to click on the “members” tab of the project page.

4. Find the founding member and click on the “send a contact request” tab on that person’s page.

5. The founding member will then send a contact request to you, too.

6. You can also send a message to the founding member, by clicking on the mail tab on the top right of this person’s page, requesting membership to the project.

7. The founding member will then send an invitation to become a member of the project.

8. You can have a look for more information about the project if you click on the “Go to Twinspace” tab on the left part of the project’s page.

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