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Kick off meeting of the SLIDEshow Project

Kick off meeting of the SLIDEshow Project, in Brussels, at November 9 – 10, 2017


(PHW) - Wolfgang Greller, Walter Swoboda

(UO) - Arttu Mykkanen , Hanna Jarvenoja

(Doukas) - Yannis Kotsanis

(GO!) - Jens Vermeersch, Mark Willems

(VUB) - Koen Lombaerts, Valérie Thomas, Jeltsen Peeters

Topics Discussed:

Project summary,

SLIDEshow introduction,

Strategic partnership projects,

Overview of Intellectual outputs,

Multiplier events & training,

Roles and responsibilities,

Project management,


external communication,

quality assurance and evaluation,

tMAIL results/tools,

Finances and reporting.

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1 Comment

Tom Economou
Tom Economou
Mar 12, 2018

Very interesting.

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