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Oulu, Finland 2nd Project Partners Meeting (24-26/4/2018)


- Vrije Universiteit Brussels – Koen Lombaerts, Valérie Thomas

- GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap – Jens Vermeersch, Beerens Silke

- Oulun Yliopisto - Arttu Mykkänen, Hanna Järvenoja, Maria Koivuniemi

- Padagogische Hochschule Wien - Wolfgang Greller, Walter Swoboda

- Doukas School – Yannis Kotsanis

Meeting Venue: Oulun Yliopisto, Oulu, Finland

Meeting news: Partners discussed the progress of the project and more specifically the progress of the Intellectual Outputs and the Project Management issues.

Through discussion and collaboration, they planned the next steps and coordinated the work to be done.

Next Meeting: The next face to face meeting is scheduled for 15-19/10/2018 in Vienna, Austria. The partner meeting will be held the first couple of days and the last three days the first teacher training event will take place.

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