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SLIDEshow goes Frankfurt

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Goethe University Frankfurt

Wolfgang Greller of PHW was invited by the GOETHE UNIVERSITY FRANKFURT to hold a two-day workshop on 16-17 May 2019. The event was part of the university’s GRADE Centre Education, a renowned German teacher education CPD programme that is also part-financed by the German Federal Department of Education and operates as part of their Academy for Learning Sciences an Teacher Education.

A number of teacher educators, that work in different subject areas, like primary education, didactics of Physics, or English, attended to learn more about learning analytics and evidence-based learning. In this context, the efforts and outcomes to-date of our SLIDEshow project were a central part in portraying the strengths of data-based personalisation and feedback, in particular with regards to encouraging SRL with teacher students and their pupils. Especially, our „Personalised Evidence-Based Practice Framework“ (PEP) found an attentive and highly interested audience.

The workshop included an introduction of the tMail app as well as the EQF based PEP framework and further validated the practical usefulness of this complex conceptual framework construct. We hope this will strengthen further adoption of the intellectual outputs emerging from SLIDEshow by partner institutions and individuals.

Goethe University Frankfurt is currenty applying to host the next Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference in 2020 (LAK20). This is the largest international gathering of researchers in that field. Should the bid succeed, a presentation on the PEP framework is certainly something the project will consider.

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