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SLIDEshow has come to an end.

The SLIDEshow project has come to an end. We are proud to share our results and products with you!

Explore our website to read all about the products and reports produced by SLIDEshow.

Want a quick overview of the SLIDEshow project and the main conclusions? Have a look at our videos and find out right away!

Or… have a look at our main products:

- SRL assessment toolkit (also added as module in the tMAIL app)

- SRL practice framework: where are you as teacher in supporting SRL? How can you grow?

- Personalized evidence-based practice framework regarding how to use learning analytics in the teaching practice

- Collection of good practices regarding supporting SRL in the classroom

- European SRL network

Thank you all for your interest in our project and we hope to see you all in the future!

Goodbye from the SLIDEshow team!

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