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SLIDEshow Project Teacher Training Event, Vienna

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

SLIDEshow Project organised a 3-day workshop to Train Teachers in the theoretical background of SRL and to introduce them to its ways of practice. 20+ participants from 4 countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland and Greece) had the chance to collaborate and exchange ideas and good practices. It was hosted by the University College of Teacher Education Vienna (Pädagogische Hochschule Wien) at its premises on the 17-19/10/2018. The Workshop included, among others, the following sessions:

- Project Introduction

- Theoretical background, recent findings and SRL competence framework

- SRL supports - What is out there and how to use it?

- Own case step 1 - Description, goal definition

- Own case step 2 - Getting used to tMail

- Own case step 3 - Putting it all together (How can I personally use SRL in my teaching)

- eTwinning Networking

- Inquiry- and problem-based learning

- Education Innovation Studio (EIS), Forscherwerkstatt ("Research Workshop") - split into 2 groups

- Applying tMail in class (front+backend)

- SRL and inclusive education

- Analysis and sharing of good practices

- House of Mathematics (HDMA)

- Learning analytics

All presentations of the Workshops can be found in the project’s eTwinning space or SLIDEshare account.

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