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E1: Teacher Educator Training (Athens, Nov. 2019)


The first multiplier event targets teacher educators across Europe. Teacher educators in SLIDEshow are broadly defined as professionals supporting the professional development of teachers. We define 3 categories:


  • Pre-service teacher educators (including school mentors responsible for internships)

  • In-service teacher educators

  • School staff responsible for professional development within their school


This third category implies that a primary or lower secondary school could send one of its teachers as ‘teacher educator’. These teacher educators are recruited through our Associate Partner Network. These are perceived as the project’s ‘early adopters’ (Roger’s model).  The main objective of the multiplier event is to train teacher educators. In addition, the event will be used to introduce the project objectives to teacher educators, to interact with them and get feedback on our outputs.



E2: International Co-Design Event (Vienna, May 2020)


We will organise a co-design multiplier event where we bring together teachers, schools, teacher educators, and researchers who were involved in the internal and external implementation phases. New adopters interested in the project can join as well. The event has the following objectives:


  • participants can network with and learn from peers from other countries

  • participants (especially those not yet familiar to EU projects) are introduced to the opportunities offered through European projects and networks

  • teachers having followed the mobile SRL training follow a 4th F2F international session guided by a teacher educator. It has the form of a workshop where they can further deepen their SRL knowledge gained through the app and national F2F sessions with their teacher educator. We will use the same monitoring platform teacher educators use to foster personalised and deeper teacher learning during the event. Hence, we will adopt our own implementation scenario’s that teacher educators can use as well.

  • all target groups know and understand the intellectual outputs and get the chance to co-design the final versions, therefore:

    • teacher educators participate in a speed writing’ session to co-design good implementation scenario’s.

    • teachers participate in a ‘speed writing’ session to co-design good practices concerning SRL promotion in their classroom/subject.

    • all participants co-design and evaluate policy recommendations.


This specific multiplier event is an important step in establishing the SRL community of practice and allowing stakeholders from different levels and countries to interact. We explicitly adopt a participatory approach in order to foster ownership of the project beyond the project partners. Moreover, by walking our talk, the event organisors will model the effective use of data as well as SRL support, and offer stakeholders yet another opportunity to deepen their understanding. ….



E3: Final Conference (Brussels, Sept/Oct. 2020)


The third multiplier event will take place at the end of the project and aims to present the project results to stakeholders and potential users. It will also be the first event to explicitly target researchers and policy makers, since we’ll be able to present the evidence-base built throughout the project and the associated policy recommendations.


Partners will run workshops for teachers to demonstrate outputs and make presentations. We will also identify (e.g. through our own networks or social network analysis) those teachers, teacher educators, and policy makers that are active in the SRL community and enjoy representing the project through social media or in front of groups. They will be asked to take up an active role throughout the conference, as we again prefer to adopt a participatory approach sharing ownership with others.




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