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Ο7 Online SRL Network

Output 7 consists of the development, maintenance and content creation of a website which will serve as the central platform for the multi-stakeholder SRL community of practice we wish to install. The platform (website) will be multifunctional and divided into different areas. The bulk of the content will be the public databank of ideas, activities and resources for teachers, teacher educators, policy makers and scientists. There will also be information about the project itself, the partnership and information on how stakeholders can get involved.


It will be a content-rich website of activities and ideas related to personalised data-driven SRL instruction. The project will use multiple online platforms for reaching its objectives, such as the mobile application, online teacher education platform, eTwinning, and social media. Each of these platforms has its own focus and target group, hence the need for having one platform that subsequently feeds the other platforms. Also, it will be the one platform that will be targeting all stakeholders.


As the main purpose of the platform is to support the launch and continuation of a European SRL network, the platform will also follow Roger’s innovation adoption model. 



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