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Ο3 Personalised Evidence-Based Practice Framework

Output 3 consists of a practice framework describing what makes a teacher successful in evidence-based teaching and in personalising instruction to the individual needs of students with regards to SRL. The profile will be based on latest research in the field of learning analytics. It will incorporate the DigComp framework that is currently widely implemented across the EU and over the coming years. Data literacy is one of the elements of DigComp as part of managing one’s own digital identity.


  • First, the mobile application automatically collects various types of data that are visualised to both teachers (through in-app dashboards) and teacher educators (through an online monitoring platform).

  •  Second, teachers will collect data on students’ SRL by using the SRL assessment toolkit (O1). Output 3 will outline the necessary competences to interpret and use these data to make informed decisions about their instructional practice and personalise their support.



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